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Do you think you masturbate too much?

cock contest Alwin vs vitezx

Do you get erections when you go commando?

Would you rather have sex with…

Hooking Up


Do you like to be photographed nude

Should Presiden Biden run for another term?

Do you do edging while masturbating?

Should bottom guy tell a top guy about his hairy ass?

Men Thongs & G-Strings & Jockstraps

Do you like to cam naked

What sex acts have you done?

fake accounts

Will you dowload my pregnant pic?

Have you ever been offered a blow job? if so; by who?

Do you feel less horny after you cum from masturbating?

Which one would you Fuck?

Do you get turned on watching a man masturbating?

What girth (diameter dildo/object) can you fit in your ass?

Do you ejaculate directly in your own mouth?

Circumference, not diameter ( Umfang, nicht Durchmesser ) )

Do you ever save your own cum?

Where would you like to take my load…? 😈

Do you like looking at your self in the mirror naked

Play a game about Milaboobs

Ass or Cock

Best 3 ways sex?

Don't pull out..

Thinking about sex

In your butt

How many dicks?

how do you want me

Cum in my pussy

Sex with a transgender?

sleeping naked

Which dick is better? Left jed61980 or right vitezx

Please Remove Your DENTURES

A good friend asks if you would masturbate for them.

Have you ever jerk off and cum with a condom?

When did you suck your first cock

Have you ever cum from penis frottage?

Straight guy - Willing to show off for guys but also girls?

Sex Every Day

Masturbation booth

Your favorite cock to suck

How many guys would you want to gang-bang you?

Who’s got the bigger cock

which penis pic will get the attention of site members?

If only one, which one?

Do you think taking a long time to cum is a good thing?

At what age your first got fuck by a man?

pubic hair

Will you get aroused if you see a man with an erection?


Do you think men's balls get bigger as they aged?

What will you do if you waking up by a big erection?

Do you cover-up or expose yourself in the locker room?

Men with the biggest cock?

Interesting question

Would u prefer soft or hard ??

How is this ass?

What do you when leaking pre-cum?

Do you get fully naked to masturbate?


The Taste of Semen

Are you an exhibionist?

Have you ever jerk off and cum at urinal

Are you a virgin?

The 3somes question

Ass and pussy fuck

Have you squeeze a man's penis after he ejaculated?


WNBA- who would you fuck?

At Home; naked or clothes?

Does Bareback Sex gone

What would you rather do to my cock

Would you share your spouse/partner with another person?

Did a guy ever asked you if you jerk off?

Do you moan when sucking dick?

what do you enjoy the most of being naked in public?

Did you suck a man at a glory hole?

For men 50+! How often can you ejaculate within one week?

Women on uncut or cut men

Biden and his term as president

Blowjob or Handjob?

I want to suck your dick

Fuck me

What are you more proud of....

Do you check a man's pubes through before sucking him?

who do you think will be next president United States?

feed this cumslut

Pimping CMKKL

Have you ever took a shower with your dad or brother?

Have you ever ended a relationship because lack of sex?

Which places you like to "play" with your cock

Do you ejaculating less semen as you aged?

Have you ever been invited to a jerk off party?

new pics

Should you tell co-workers about your sexual orientation?