About Points

This "points" feature was made in order to serve 2 purposes: to make this site more fun and to make it more self-managed. This is still experimental, new methods of gaining and spending points are added from time to time and some additional restrictions may be introduced too.

Points Distribution

Points log - see what you are getting or losing points for

New: Because some members hoard points and never use them and this annoys paying members, unused points are automatically converted into treasure chests for all non-paying members with a balance of over 700 points on a daily basis. Members can convert their chests back into points without any loss, but only if their current points balance is less than 200 points or they recently purchased points or some kind of premium membership. Small chests vanish after 60 days if not used. Chests can be used for gifting premium membership to other members or yourself, they will be converted automatically if there is enough of them.

You can get points in this game.

You get points when you find "boobs" on exciting members pages (click on "milk level" to learn more).

You now get 5 points per day just if you logged in to the site during that day (those points updated once per 24 hours).

You can get up to 16 points (if your daily limit is not exceeded) for commenting on recently registered members with pics. You get 4 points for each comment on the member's wall up to 4 comments per day. Only first comment per each member is rewarded. Also, note that you should comment on the wall, not under the photos. The comments should be meaningful, not just "Welcome", "Nice pics" or something primitive like this. Be aware that your comment may be not liked and deleted, in which case you may lose 20 points (if the member not just deletes it but also balacklists you).

Points are given to you depending on your pics popularity (basically on how many visits your pics receive) and user actions on your pages. If members vote for your pics or donate points to you then you are given points directly.

Points are given to you for your own actions on the site - participation in forum, writing comments on the public pics and in member blogs, voting for other members pics, etc. Note that voting actually spends points, but you will be rewarded for this activity afterwards.

You can also earn points reporting pics that were posted into incorrect category. Only valid reports count.

Points can also be subtracted, this happens if you post pics into incorrect categories and other members report them (incorrect reports do not count, only pics that really are in the wrong category may cost you points)

Uploading pics may also cost points. This happens if you have over 300 pics in your profile or if you are uploading too much pics in a short time (more than 12 in 1 hour). Private and temporary pics do not count.

Note, that for some actions points are given immediately, but for many of actions they are distributed during re-rolls which happen once per day (usually around 1 a.m. US East Coast time).

There is a limit of 250 points for ordinary accounts, 400 for premium and 600 for diamond, at that limit points are not added anymore for your actions and images also you stop getting points from "domination" game, but you still get points from other members votes, gifts, donations, won contests and other games. In order to receive daily points from activities you have to spend points so that at the end of day you are below limits described above.

How to use them

You can use them to do several things:

1. To place one or several of your pics into the upper banner on top of of the main page, so that more people can see and visit them. There are 8 slots and your pic will appear on the left and will shift to the right each time another pic is placed there by you or some other member, until it drops out of the line. You can place it there again any time or you can even place it several times if you think it's cool (I don't) and have enough points for that. Note, that only public pics can be placed there.

In case you do not understand where that "banner" is - here is the pic, see where red arrow points to:

Note that after your pic is pushed out of the banner by other pics it does not go to the section below the banner, those are simply most popular pics posted within 5 past days.

In case you do not know HOW to place your image on top, here is another scheme:

2. To place you in the first position of top-30 members. You will stay there until someone else uses this feature and then you will fall down to 2nd place, next time to 3rd place and so on until you drop out of the top. Indeed you can place yourself on top any time again, if you have enough points.

3. You can place your profile on top of the member list here

4. You can place your message on top of pics pages (looks like a white bar with message stuck to the top of the pages) here

5. You can place your message on the front page in "chat" in the side bar.

6. You can vote for pics of other members. It's not free, it costs points. Why is that? So that you make your choice with responsibility. But it also produces complex effect: not only the pic popularity raises, but also the member who posted the pic is getting some points.

7. You can donate points to other members who you like, in this case member gets 3/4 of the points you spend.

8. You can send gifts both "positive" and "negative" to members you do or do not like accordingly.

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